Kondoleanser från andra support-organisationer

Det är många representanter från andra support-organisationer världen över som har skickat sina hälsningar till oss via brev, sociala medier och liknande. Vi vill här försöka sprida den omtanken som visats alla svenska supportrar i den här svåra stunden efter terrorattentatet i Bryssel måndagen den 16/10 2023.

Many thanks to all supporter organizations that contacted us for your warm concern after the terrible act of terrorism against Swedish supporters in Brussels.

Ett brev kom från The French football teams, Irrésistibles Français som skriver följande:

Dear Swedish fan friends,

It is with great sadness that we learned of the death of two of your members during the trip to Belgium this week.
Some of us were even in Brussels, as part of our exchanges with Belgian supporters, and we experienced this terrible situation closely.

Our association of official supporters of the French football teams, Irrésistibles Français, joins you and the families of the victims in this difficult moment when barbarism has struck innocent people for the sole purpose of representing their country in a peaceful passion. 

As a group of supporters, we can only bitterly regret that members may not return from a trip that was supposed to be friendly and festive around our sport. 

As French, we also know the reality of being a political target for what our models of society represent, models who fight against obscurantism and fanaticism.
Nothing should link our universe of supporters with these vile politico-religious actions, even less at the cost of the lives of our compatriots, colleagues, friends …

Dear Swedish friends, we have always crossed your path in a spirit of benevolent sportsmanship, and it is with immense respect and unfailing solidarity that we want to assure you of all our support and deep friendship in these painful moments.

Wholeheartedly with you.

Hervé MOUGIN – President
For the Board of Irrésistibles Français
Official French Football Fans 

Vi har även fått varma hälsningar från Tartan Army, som representerar de Skotska supportrarna.

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